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Happy Rider "Racer"
height: 37 - 43.5 cm
weight: 4.0 kg
saddle color: olive green
Only for real racers !

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Happy Rider "Cruiser"
height: 35 - 44.0 cm
weight: 4.0 kg
saddle color: navy blue
Heads will keep on turning !
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All Happy Rider balance bikes have following features in common :
  • Lightweight birch/beech plywood frame
  • Rubber pneumatic tires for traction and comfort
  • Maintenace free bearings having low friction and long lifetime
  • Soft, ergonomic handles
  • Padded seat with removable cover
  • Height of the seat can be adjusted
  • Restricted stearing angle
  • Solid wheels without spokes
  • Aluminium rims
Happy Rider Cruiser balance bike

The curved saddle offers a comfortable seat and good controll over the bike.
Its shape - especially designed for running bikes - guarantees free movement of the legs.
The cover of the saddle can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

Soft, rounded handles which are comfortable to grasp provide protection and safety.

Limited steering angle.
The angle of rotation of the handlebar is restricted. This feature prevents 'jack knife' accidents and increases the stability of the bike significantly. Indispensable on any running bike!

Solid wooden wheels with aluminium rim ;
low weight but very strong, beatiful and no maintenace.

Rubber pneumatic tires assure grip on any surface and comfort on any terrain.

These are hard to wear off and and have a very long lifetime.

Maintenace free and completely sealed high quality ball bearings for low friction and smooth rolling.

Beatifully crafted plywood frame with smooth curves but without any sharp edges.

This material has been widely used and praised for both furniture and sports equipment.

Plywood combines low weight and high strength properties - think about skateboards - with appealing aesthetics.


At Happy Rider our aim is to deliver high quality products and we believe this is the key to success.
That's why we refuse to accept materials and components of inferior quality to assemble our bikes and cut costs doing so.
The frames are manufactured of 1st grade birch and beech plywood. The result is a solid wooden balance bike built in a sustainable, eco friendly way.

Happy Rider runner bikes are designed, manufactured and tested according to European directives and comply to the following standards on safety of toys:
EN71-1: 2005 Mechanical integrity and physical properties
EN71-2: 2006 Flammability of toys
EN71-3: 1994 + extensions A1:2000 & AC:2002 Migration of elements, toxicity
In other words, this means that the bicycles are proven to be safe and approved for their intended use.


Although difficult to notice at first sight, the characteristics and comfort of the balance bike are defined primarily by its geometry.
The height of the seat and handlebar, wheelbase and head angle are important factors in creating a succesfull design. Modifying these dimensions by only a few millimeters or degrees can make a real difference.

With each and every Happy Rider design these dimensions are carefully matched and optimised to get an ergonomic balance bike.

Because stability is of utmost importance to our target group of little customers, you will not find any raised handlebars on any Happy Rider runner bike. The flat and low positioned handlebar creates an active ride, good view and better control over the bicycle.
The result is a push-along bike which is easy to master. Your kid will zip off very quickly and have fun for years to come.