For the kids :

  • Early development of balance and coordination

  • Learn through play, develop motor skills and combine balancing, riding, steering...

  • Improve ability to assess distance, depth and improve sense of speed
All of this leads to a smooth transition to a real bicycle without any need for trainig wheels.

Training wheels do not help to develop a sense of balance and gain confidence. In fact, using stabilisers it will take longer to master balance, steering and pedaling all at once later on.

Above all, you're children will have FUN ! Our brand is called Happy Rider for some reason.
A Happy Rider will please your kid.
Happy Rider Racer balance bike

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Benefits for the parents :

  • The walk in the park on sunday really becomes a moment to relax, as it should have been, without any nagging children.

  • Walking a few km through parks an woods at the weekend ? On a good running bike your child will easily be able to keep pace !

  • Why don't you leave those buggys and carriers at home ?

Which are the most important features of a good balance bike ?

An adjustable seatpost and low center of gravity
A low center of gravity improves the bike's balance and make it easy to maneuver and control.
Thanks to the adjustable seatpost your child will be able to put both feet securely on the ground at all times. Perhaps most important, the bike can 'grow' along with its rider.

Restricted steering angle
A way to restrict the angle of rotation of the handlebar is an absolute must have.
To keep control of the bike at unexpected events such as riding over a bump it is important that the bicycle does not change direction abruptly or that the young rider tries to correct balance by overreacting. This is a frequent cause of accidents with children learning to master a bicycle.
Different devices to restrict the steering handle are being used but keep in mind it should not be possible to capture any fingers between any moving parts.
Happy Rider's design solves both problems in a simple and effective way. Safety first.

The handlebar
A low positioned handlebar without any protruding ornaments should be preferred.
Decorative elements such as cartoon figures placed on top of the handlebar increase the risk on injuries.
Wide handlebars result in better handling if ergonomically designed, in other words ; facing the rider and slightly bent.  

Quality tires
EVA, PU or PVC and pneumatic tires, all types exist for run bikes.

PVC or hard plastic tires are cheap but should be avoided because they offer very little grip and have bad rolling performance.
2-component EVA tires offer the best cost effective alternative to real bicycle tires but provide less grip on smooth surfaces.
Inflatable are still superior when it comes to durability, traction, rolling characteristics and comfort.