Article 1: contract of sale

  1. The sales contract between the customer and Happy Rider takes effect when  the confirmation of the customer's order appears on screen.
  2. The customer needs to be of age to purchase products online at the Happy Rider webshop. By accepting the purchase agreement the customer confirms to be of age.
  3. Happy Rider reserves the right to reject the order and end the sales contract within a period of 10 days following the receival of the order. In case the order is rejected, Happy Rider commits itself to return the money to the customer at the same moment.

Article 2: prices

  1. All prices indicated on the Happy Rider website are in EURO and including VAT but excluding shipping costs.
  2. Shipping costs are displayed on the FAQ page of the Happy Rider website. Any shipping cost will be stated clearly at the time of ordering, on the order confirmation and on the invoice.
  3. If a customer who received a discount code enters this code when ordering, the reduction will be automatically calculated, deducted and indicated on the order confirmation. Each discount code can only be used once.

Article 3: payment

  1. Payment can be made by bank transfer or online by credit card ( Visa & MastercCard ) or home banking. There are no additional charges for any way of payment.

Article 4: right of property

  1. The goods remain property of Happy Rider until payment has been received in full.

Article 5: responsibilities

  1. Products
    The customer needs to check the products at the time of delivery. If the goods are not supplied in accordance with the description on Happy Rider's website, the customer should report this to Happy Rider by e-mail within seven working days to keep the right for replacement or to get refunded.
    If the goods are faulty or not fit for purpose Happy Rider reserves the right to replace the products or to offer the customer a refund.
  2. Delivery times
    Happy rider is entitled to use a third party to deliver products. The delivery times shown on Happy Rider's website are indicative only and Happy Rider will not be liable for any failure to observe these delivery times. Exceeding the estimated delivery time will not grant the customer any right of compensation.
    Happy Rider commits itself to execute the delivery of the goods within 30 days following the day of order. The customer has the right to cancel the order in case the delivery has not been executed within 30 days following the order.
  3. Loss in transport
    According to the European law on online sales, also known as 'sales on distance', the seller is responsable for the the transport up to the moment of delivery.
    The customer will be sent an e-mail at the time the goods are shipped. In case the buyer hasn't received the shipment within a period of seven working days following the date of shipment, the customer needs to report this to Happy Rider within three working days. If the customer doesn't inform Happy Rider in time, the rights on replacement or refund will be lost.
Article 6: right to cancel an order
  1. The customer has the right to cancel any order up to seven working days following the day after the products were delivered. The customer does not need to motivate this decision and is entitled to cancel the order without any additional cost.
  2. If the customer wishes to execute the right mentioned in paragraph 6.1, any payments that have already been made will be refunded by Happy Rider within a period of thirty days following the cancellation.

Article 7: returning purchased items

  1. In accordance with the european directives and belgian legislation on distance sales, the customer will bear the cost of shipment to return any product unless it is defective.
  2. Only products that haven never been used can be accepted by Happy Rider.
  3. The return of the goods is made at the buyer's risk.
  4. Any return shipping fee must be prepaid and the product must be returned in its original packaging.
  5. Prior to returning any product the customer needs to inform Happy Rider by sending an e-mail to More information on returning goods can be found on the FAQ – frequently asked questions – page on the Happy Rider website.

Article 8: product warranty

  1. Happy Rider's products are being sold according to the belgian law on consumer goods. Under this law the reseller has to offer a warranty on manufacturing defects.
  2. Product information offered on Happy Rider's website regarding size, dimensions, weight and color are indicative only and not binding.
  3. Happy Rider guarantees the functionality of the products offered on its website. This warranty covers any manufacturing defect for a period of one year from date of purchase.
  4. Any damage resulting from normal wear or caused by misuse or modifications to the product are not covered by the product warranty and do not give rise to the right to any refund.

Article 9: applicable legislation

  1. These general conditions of sale shall be governed by the belgian law. All rights, obligations, offers , orders and contracts on which these conditions are applicable will fall under the law of Belgium.
  2. Any disputes arising between Happy Rider and the customer shall be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts of Belgium.

Article 10: force majeure

  1. Force majeure refers to the case Happy Rider cannot fulfill its obligations due to extraordinary events or circumstances beyond its control and to which the reseller cannot be held responsible by law.
  2. In case the reseller cannot fulfill its obligations as described in article 10.1, Happy Rider has the right to choose to suspend or cancel the sales contract by writing the customer. Invoking force majeure will not grant the customer any right of compensation.